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 Pew Marine Conservation Fellow 2007

Society for Conservation of Fisheries Resources and Marine Environment(CoFRaME
Japanese Coordinationg Committee for MAB 
Global Eco-Risk Management from Asian Viewpoints

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Mar. 16, 2016 Organizer: 4th World Congress of Biosphere Reserve Side event "How to synergize multiple designation in biosphere reserves"; 4WCBR, Lima
Oct.18-22 Pew Marine Conservation Fellow Annual Meeting at Noordwijk
 Past Topics (click here for detail)
Feb. 14  [A119] Fujimaki A, Shioya K, Tagawa S, Matsuda H (accepted) A theoretical approachfor zone-based management ofthe deer population on Yakushima Island. Pop Ecol :, DOI:
Jan. 26 My PhD candidate student Oita Azusa is publishing an article in Nature GeoScience."Substantial nitrogen pollution embeHiroyuki MATSUDA's publication listded in international trade".
 9 Dec.  [F131 ppt]* Matsuda H: F, Saba
Dec. 8-11 uture Perspective of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme, Towards Sustainable Development in Harmony with Nature in Crocker Range Biosphere Reserve, Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, JICA[Daily Express]
Oct. 15-19 Pew Marine Conservation Fellow Annual Meeting, Puerto Rico
Oct. 5-8 [f43] WG member: IPBES Scoping Meeting of Global assessment on biodiversity and ecosystem services; Zoological Research Museum, Bonn, Germany, 5 October 2015,
 Sep. 25 [A118] Oita A, Nagano I, Matsuda H (2015) NAn improved methodology for calculating the nitrogen footprint of seafood. Ecological Indicators 60:1091-1103.
 Sep. 7  Future vision of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere Programme, JICA Tokyo
 Sep.1-2  MAB Strategy Group Meeting, UNESCO Paris
Jul 28  Session 33, International Wililife Mangagement Congress, Sapporo
Feb.8 [A114] Ijima H, Ohta U, Fujimaki A, Matsuda H (in press) Efficient management for the Hokkaido population of sika deer Cervus nippon in Japan: accounting for migration and management cost. Pop Ecol 57: 397-408, DOI:10.1007/s10144-015-0478-1
   [A116] Matsuda H, Yumoto T, Okano T, Tetsuka K, Fujimaki A, .Shioya K (2015) An extension plan of Yakushima Biosphere Reserve as a case study of consensus building of islanders. J Ecol Env 3:, DOI:10.5141/ecoenv.2015.000
Apr.4, 2015  International Symposium on Conservation Planning under Uncertainties, Univ. of Tokyo (Hongo)
Nov.30 International Workshop on "Blue Carbon", Yokohama National University
Nov. 6 [F128]* Matsuda H: Avian collision risk management in wind turbines, 1st Meeting of Work group on Bird Strike Science and Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Sep. 24
[A111] Saitoh M, Momose H, Inoue S, Kurashima O,Matsuda H (2014) Range-expanding wildlife: predicting the future distribution of large mammals in Japan,, with management implications.. International Journal of Geographical Information Science. DOI:10.1080/13658816.2014.952301
Sep. 14 [F127]* Matsuda H: How did coastal fishers satisfy the global standard of nature protection in Shiretoko World Heritage? Local Action Influencing Global Policy ,ILEK Project First International Symposium Knowledge Translation: Bridging Gaps between Science and Society
Sep. 3-5 [f34] Matsuda H: Reviewer, IIASA Evaluation Committees,
July 28 [F122]* Matsuda H, Kotani K, Makino M : Maximum sustainable ecosystem services from multiple species systems., The Joint Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society for Mathematical Biology and the Society for Mathematical Biology, 28 July 2014, Osaka International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan.
Apr. 15 [A110] Kadoya T, Takenaka A, Ishihama F, Fujita T, Ogawa M, Katsuyama T, Kadono Y, Kawakubo N, Serizawa S, Takahashi H, Takamiya M, Fujii S, Matsuda H, Muneda K, Yokota M, Yonekura K, Yahara T (in press) Crisis of Japanese vascular flora demonstrated by quantifying extinction risks for 1618 taxa. PLoS ONE :
Apr. 11 [F123] Matsuda H, Yumoto T, Okano T, Tetsuka K, Fujimaki A, .Shioya K: Deer management in Yakushima Biosphere Reserve as a case study of consensus building of islanders, The 6th East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies (EAFES) Congress, April 2014, Hainan,
Apr. 10 [f33] Liu SR, Matsuda H, Hu X, : Opening remark, The 6th East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies (EAFES) Congress
Mar. 7 [F122] Matsuda H: Fisheries institutions in Japan and South America, Overseas Perspectives on Japanese Fisheries Resource Management: Ocean’s Gifts (‘Megumi ’) and Food Security, JF Zengyoren, Hakuyo Hall, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology
March [B40] Matsuda H (2014/3) World Natural Heritages in the Amur-Okhotsk Region. Proceedings of the 3rd Internaitonal Meeting of Amur-Okhotsk Consortium c/o Institute of Low Temperature Science, Hokkaido University, Sapporo:79-82
2014 March, 2014
[B39 Matsuda H (2014/3) Necessity of adaptive risk management in fisheries and wildlife. In Kaneko N, Yoshiura S, Kobayashi M (eds), Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks Springer:99-109
Dec. 22 Matsuda H: Biennial report of EAFES activities, Executive Committee of East Asian Federation of Ecological Societies, Beijin
Dec. 3 [F121]* Matsuda H: Panelist, Leadership Development Programme for Sustainable Living with Environmental Risks Outcome Presentation Symposium, "Developing Leaders and the Role of Universities" Yokohama National University,
Nov. 26 [F121] Marine Management Plan of Shiretoko World Heritage as an Ecosystem management, Integrated ecosystem management from Hill to Ocean, The International Symposium on the Connectivity of Hills, Humans and Oceans(CoHHO)
Nov. 24 [F120]* Matsuda H: Paradigm shift of marine ecosystem fisheries management and metagenomics, International Symposium on Aquatic Metagenomics, 24 November 2013, Kitazato University
Nov. 15 [F119]* Matsuda H, Tanaka T: Relationship between world heritage and biosphere reserve: a comparative study between Yakushima and Shiretoko, 1st Meeting of Asia Parks Congress, 15 November 2013, Sendai,
Nov. 3-8 [f31] Matsuda H: Invited participants, Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources, 4 November 2013-8 November 2013, Mathematical Biosciences Institute, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH
Oct.18 [f30] Matsuda H: Session organizer: Future Earth: Ideas for international integrated research for global sustainability, 2013 Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation Annual Meeting, 18 October 2013, The Grand Hotel Malahide, Ireland
Sep. 18 [f30] Matsuda H: Session organizer: Future Earth: Ideas for international integrated research for global sustainability, 2013 Pew Fellows Program in Marine Conservation Annual Meeting, 18 October 2013, The Grand Hotel Malahide, Ireland
Oct. 7 [F117]* Matsuda H: World Natural Heritages in the Amur-Okhotsk region , The 3rd Amur-Okhotsk Consortium, 7 October 2013, Urajiostok
Sep. 12 [f29] Uematsu M, Aoyama M, Kanda J, Matsuda H: Impact of the Fukushima accident on the marine environment, Meeting for European Ambasadors, 12 September 2013, Europa House, Azabu, Tokyo
Sep. 9 [F114]* Matsuda H: Biodiversity and ecosystem services in cultural landscapes, The 43rd Annual Conference of Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Potsdam,
Sep. 9 [F116]* Matsuda H: Panel: New Bridges between Ecology and Society - Japanese and European Experiences at the Science-Policy Interface, The 43rd Annual Conference of Ecological Society of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, 9 September 2013, Potsdam,
Aug 30 [f28] Uematsu M, Aoyama M, Kanda J, Matsuda H: Impact of the Fukushima accident on the marine environment, Committee on industry, research and energy, 30 August 2013, Europa House, Azabu, Tokyo
Aug. 22 [F113] Situation of UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in Japanese Archipelago, Island biocultural diversity and traditional ecological knowledge, INTECOL, London, UK, 
June 14 [F111]* Matsuda H: Vulnerability of adaptive management, a simple management rule incorporating ecology and economy, Biological Reference Points for Fisheries Management under Environmental Changes (BEW), National Research Institute of Far Seas Fisheries,
May 9 [F110mov] Matsuda H: Seafood Safety and Public Policy, Exploring the impacts of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accidents on the Ocean, 9 May 2013, Woods Hole Ocean Institute
May 8 [F109] Matsuda H, Sakurai R: Preliminary results of Europe/North America case studies , Mote Marine Institute, Sarasota (from WHOI, MA), 8 May 2013
May 8 [A107] Miura G, Munakata A, Schreck CB, Noakes DLG, Matsuda H (in press) Effect of short-term decrease in water temperature on body temperature and involvement of testosterone in steelhead and rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology :
June 8 [A106] Shibata Y, Matsuishi T, Kitakado T, Murase H, Matsuoka K, Hakamada T, Matsuda H (2013) Effects of stratification and mis-specification of covariates in species distribution models for abundance estimation from virtual line transect survey data. Fisheries Science79:559-568
Apr 6 [F108] Matsuda H: Panelist for Open discussion forum: Opportunities for extending Japanese-German research collaborations on biodiversity and ecosystem services, Satoyama landscapes in Japan, Germany and beyond ? implementing biodiversity and ecosystem services as novel concepts for sustainable land management, 6 April 2013
Feb 12 [F107] Matsuda H: Technical Support for Residential Researcher by World/Japanese Network of Biosphere Reserves: a case study of Aya Biosphere Reserve. , Vigo Universtiy, 11 February 2013,

[A105] Sorgog K, Saito M, Hironaka Y, Higashiura Y, Matsuda H (2013) Influence of agricultural activities on grassland arthropod in Inner Mongolia. Environment and Natural Resources Research 3:33-41
Jan 21 [F106] Matsuda H: Transdisciplinarity in Regulatory Science; A case study of climate change, An International Workshop on Transdisciplinary Research on Global Environmental Issues, 21 January 2012, Core Research Hub, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto,
Jan 13, 2013 [f26] Matsuda H: : Moderator: Symposium in Impacts of offshore wind farms on wild birds, Japan Wildbird Society, 13 January 2013, St. Paul University, Tokyo

[A103] Hori Y, Hayashi N, Matsuda H (2012) The long-term trends of satoyama capital stocks and ecosystem services; case study on Mt. Hakusan Biosphere Reserve and its vicinity. Global Environmental Research 16: 189-196

[A102] Matsuda H, Makino M, Tomiyama M (2012) Biodiversity and fisheries resource management in Satoumi. Global Environmental Research 16: 181-187
Dec 9 [F105] Matsuda H: Living harmony with nature: fisheries co-management in Shiretoko World Heritage, Pew Fellows in Marine Conservation Annual Meeting 2012, 9 December 2012, Gambor Forest Resort, Panama,

[A104] Hayashi N, Watanabe E, Matsuda H (2012) Relationship between threatened vascular plants and human population in Japan. Journal of Ecology and Field Biology 35: 331-341
Nov 19 [F104] Matsuda H: Innovation for sustainable use of the sea of fertility, Techno Ocean 2012, 19 November 2012, Kobe,
Nov 12-14 Exploring the impacts of the Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant Accidents on the Ocean, 12 November 2012, Universtity of Tokyo, Hongo, Tokyo, Japan
Oct 28-30 [F102]* Matsuda H: Mathematical modelling in fisheries management, Workshop in Bandar Abbas, Bandar Abbas,

[A101] Ohta U, Jusup M, Mano T, Tsuruga H, Matsuda H (in press) Adaptive management of the brown bear population in Hokkaido, Japan. Ecol Model 242:20-27:
Sep 26 [F101]* Matsuda H: Fisheries co-management in Shiretoko World Heritage, 2012 International Conference on Marine Environmental Governance, Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
Sep 26 We released "Interim Report of Scientific Committee for Environmental Impact Assessment for US Army Airport Plan at Henoko, Okinawa (in Japanese)
Sep 17 (mov) From local knowledge to an universal knowledge: from viewpoints of Shiretoko fishermen. ILEK symposium, Kyoto
Sep 10 [F100]* Matsuda H, Makino M, Yumoto T, Sato T: Integrated Local Environmental Knowledge and Involvement of Local Stakeholders in Shiretoko and Yakushima World Heritages, World Conservation Congress, Jeju, Korea,
Jul. 21 [F99] Matsuda H: Research plan by North America and EU., Symposium for Integrated Local Environmental Knowledge, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature,

[A100] Akiba H, Miller CA, Matsuda H (2012) Public attitudes and factors influencing preference for eradication project of raccoons in Kanagawa, Japan. Human Dimension of Wildlife : 17: 1087-1209
Mar 27 [F97] Matsuda H: Can we manage a rare disaster with a huge hazard? Lessons from the earthquake in Japan, 2011, The London Planet Under Pressure Conference , 27 March 2012,,
Mar 21 [F] Matsuda H, Konno K, Kaji K : Effects of diet change on the irruptive population dynamics of sika deer on Nakanoshima Island, 59th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan, 21 March 2012, Ryukoku Univ., Otsu,
Mar 20 [F96] Matsuda H: The 10th Ecological Society of Japan Award Lecture: Risk on Ecology and Society, 59th Annual Meeting of Ecological Society of Japan, 20 March 2012, Ryukoku Univ., Otsu (Report by the Award Committee: Japanese English Chinese)

[B26] Makino M, Matsuda H, Sakurai Y (in press) Expanding fisheries co-management to ecosystem-based management: A case in the Shiertoko World Natural Heritage area. Convention on Biological Diversity Technical Paper, United Nations University Press
Jan 30, 2012 [F94] Matsuda H, Hayashi N, Watanabe E, Hori Y: Long-term Trends and Future Risks of Satoyama and Satoumi Landscapes, International Symposium Ecosystem Services from Satoyama, Satochi, and Satoumi Landscapes: Strategies for a Nature-Harmonious Society, 30 January 2012, HQ, UN University,

[B25] Japan Biodiversity Outlook Science Committee [Nakashizuka T, Kato M, Takenaka A, Nakamura F, Matsuda H, Miura S, Yahara T, Washitani I] (in press) Japan Biodiversity Outlook.

[A99] Iwasaki Y, Kagaya T, Miyamato K, Matsuda H (2012) Responses of riverine macroinvertebrates to zinc in natural streams: implications for the water quality standard. Water, Air, & Soil Pollution. 223:145-158
Nov 5 [F90]* Matsuda H: Effects of radioactive contamination on fisheries resources and wildlife, The 2nd International Meeting of Amur-Okhotsk Consortium 2011, 5 November 2011, Hokkaido University,
Sep 20 [F89]* Matsuda H: Deer management in Yakushima Island, The 12th Meeting of the East Asian Biosphere Reserve Network, 20 September 2011, Shinan Dadohae, Korea,

[A98] Iwasaki Y, Kagaya T, Miyamato K, Matsuda H, Sakakibara M (in press) Effect of Zinc on Diversity of Riverine Benthic Macroinvertebrates: Estimation of Safe Concentration from Field Data. Env Toxicol Chem 30:2237-2243:

[A97] Kotani K, Kakinaka M, Matsuda H (in press) Optimal invasive species management under multiple uncertainties. Math Biosci 233:32-46

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[A94] Kato N, Kotani K, Ueno S, Matsuda H (2010) Optimal risk management of Human alveolar echinococcosis with vermifuge. J Theor Biol 267: 265-271.
Jul 13 Matsuda H: Panelist, The 2011 ProSPER.Net Young Scientist Award, Quezon City,
[B28] Matsuda H, Abrams PA (2011) The evolutionary instability of isogamy. In Togashi T, Cox PA (eds) "The Evolution of Anisogamy: A Fundamental Phenomenon Underlying Sexual Selection", Cambridge University Press :75-95
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2011 [B26] Matsuda H (2011) 3-6 Risk and resource management. Mitsuru Osaki, A. Braimoh, K. Nakagami, O. Saito (eds) "Designing Our Future from Local and Regional perspectives - Bioproduction, Ecosystems & Humanity", United Nations University, pp.267-281

[B24] Matsuda H (2010) Importance of diversity in foods and culture for sustainable resource use. Proceedings of International Symposium for the Convention on Biological Diversity "The role of forest biodiversity in the sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services in agro-forestry, fisheries, and forestry" :50-52
Oct. 27 Can we get more fish? Responsibility of Japanese offshore fisheries. In: "CBD/COP10 Side Event 2: Biodiversity in fishery - perspective from experiences of Japan"
Oct. 26 Comments, In: "CBD/COP10 Side Event 1: UNESCO's MAB Program, ESD, and Japanese activities"
Oct 24 Efforts by Japanese Fishery Sciences toward Sustainable Fisheries Management. In: "COP10 Informal Consultation Meeting on the Global Sustainable Ocean Initiative by CBD Secretariat and UNU-IAS, 24: "
Oct 20 CBD/COP10 Side Event 0: Spawning and immature bluefin tuna: the impact of no-take zones. In "The role of marine reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in conserving large pelagic species", 20 October 2010, Nagoya (during 18:00-19:30)

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June 25 [A90] Kotani K, Kakinaka M, Matsuda H (in press) Adaptive management for eradication of exotic species. Population Ecology 52:349-358
June 18 [K38] News Commentary - Angle "IWC", NHK Radio Japan 14:00-14:30
April 27 [A90] Akita T, Matsuda H (2010) Why do sex ratio dimorphisms exist in Quercus masting? Evolution of imperfect synchronous reproduction in Monoecious trees. J Theor Biol 264:223-236
April 27 [A89] Kotani K, Ishii H, Matsuda H, Ikeda T (2009) Invasive species management in two-patch environments: Agricultural damage control in the raccoon (Procyon lotor) problem, Hokkaido, Japan. Population Ecology 51:493-504
April 27 Matsuda H: Importance of diversity in foods and culture for sustainable resource use, OECD Symposium "The role of forest biodiversity in the sustainable use of ecosystem goods and services in agro-forestry, fisheries, and forestry" Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
March 22 Restoration of fisheries, Convention on Biological Diversity, CoP10 Pre-Conference, 22 March 2010, Toyota Hall, Nagoya University, (Comments on the draft 2020 Target of CBC)
Feb 2 Matsuda H: Hypothetical relationship between risk source and factors, Workshop of Comprehensive Study on Adaptive Risk Management for Food and Ecological Risks in Southeast Asia, 2 February 2010, Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Kyoto
Jan 14, 2010 Matsuda H, Makino M, Castilla JC, Oikawa H, Sakurai Y, Tomiyama M: Marine protected areas in Japanese fisheries: case studies in Kyoto, Shiretoko and Mikawa, International Symposium on Integrated Coastal Management For Marine Biodiversity in Asia, 14 January 2010, Kyoto Teressa, Kyoto, Japan
Dec 21 Matsuda H, Hayashi N, Okuro T, Yumoto T, Washida T: Chapter 4: What are the current trends and main drivers of satoyama and satoumi changes?, 3rd Inter-cluster & National Working Group Meeting for Sub-global Assessment of Satoyama and Satoumi in Japan, 21 December 2009, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan,
Dec 11 Matsuda H: Agenda of CBD-COP10 Pre-conference for strengthening scientific basis for conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity , Asia Pacific Biodiversity Observation Network (AP-BON) Workshop, United Nations University, Elizabeth Rose Conference Hall, Tokyo
Nov 22-24 [G] Adaptive deer management in Yakushima Island, Annual Meeting for Japan Mammalogical Society, Taipei
Nov. 14 [F75] Matsuda H: What is Ecological Risk Management, , 17 November 2009, Internet Lecture for Environmental Leaders,
Nov 8 [F74] Matsuda H: On the “Japan-Russia Cooperation on the Conservation of Ecosystems”, International Symposium on Environmental Conservation of The Sea of Okhotsk: Cooperation between Japan, China and Russia, 8 November 2009, Conference Hall of Hokkaido University, Sapporo, (Joint Declaration English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese)
Oct. 31 Panel Discussion at a Celabratory Symposium for Cosmos Prize winner "Gretchen Daily", United Nations University, Tokyo
Oct. 28 [F73] Matsuda H, Yahara T, Fujita T: Quantitative projection of plant species loss for 1697 taxa of Japanese vascular plants and its implication for achieving the 2010 biodiversity target, Australia-Japan Workshop on Biodiversity , 28 October 2009, Shine Dome, Canberra
Oct 16 DIVERSITAS Open Science Conference (OSC2), Cape Town
Oct 9 [F71] Matsuda H, Yahara T, Fujita T: Extinction risk assessment of Japanese vascular plants and hotspot analysis, International Workshop on Quantitative Ecology & 2nd Taiwan-Japan Ecology Workshop, Conference Center in the Department of Physics, National Taiwan University , Taipei
Sep 18 [F70] Matsuda H: Can we get more fish? Degradation and recovery of fisheries resources., International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainability 2009: Global Food Security and Sustainability
Sep 16 [F69] Matsuda H: Role of agriculture, forestry and fisheries for biodiversity, World Resource Forum, Preconference in Nagoya, Ecotopia Institute, Nagoya University, Nagoya
Aug [A89x] Matsuda H, Makino M, Sakurai Y (in press) Development of adaptive marine ecosystem management and co-management plan in Shiretoko World Natural Heritage Site. Biol Cons 142:1937-1942
July 22 Development of adaptive marine management plan in Shiretoko, Japan, International Workshop for Networking Biodiversity Observation Activities in Asia Pacific Region, Noyori Memorial Hall, Nagoya Univ
July 20 Adaptive Risk Management of Marine Bioresources, ASIAHORC Symposium, Noyori Memorial Hall, Nagoya Univ
May 28 Matsuda H: Socio-Ecological role of nature parks in biodiversity and climate change, International Workshop on Climate Change in Biosphere Reserves , 28 May 2009, Convention Center, Jeju, Korea
May 21 Matsuda H: Spatial fisheries management and conservation in Japan: Long traditions and modern challengers, The 4th Meeting of Port-city University League, 21 May 2009, Yokohama Memorial Hall of Port Opening, Yokohama, Japan.
May 8 J-BON (Japan Biodiversity Observation Network) 1st Workshop
April 2009 [A86] Oyamada S, Ueno Y, Makino M, Kotani K, Matsuda H (2009) Bioeconomic assessment of size separators in Pacific saury fishery. Fisheries Science 75:273-283
Nov.8 [F61] H. Matsuda, M. Makino, Y. Sakurai: Spatial coastal and oceanic management and conservation in Japan: Long traditions and modern challengers, Coastal and Oceanic Spatial Management and Conservation, 8 November 2008, Pew Fellows Program In Marine Conservation
Oct.24 Matsuda H, Makino M, Kotani K: Optimal fishing policies that maximize sustainable ecosystem services, The 5th World Fisheries Congress "Fisheries for Global Wellfare and Environmental Conservation" in Yokohama, 24 October 2008 Program Committee Member for Session 7 (Biodiversity and Management)
Oct.22 Hiroyuki Matsuda (YNU/COSIE) Biodiversity assessment and CoML Diversity of Marine biology and the role of Census of Marine Life, JAMSTEC−YNU Mini-Symposium
Oct.18 Matsuda H: "Asian viewpoints in eco-risk management - deer and sealions management in Shiretoko World Heritage", Population and ecosystem risk management: Frontiers in terrestrial and marine systems, 24th Annual Meeting of the Society for Populaiton Ecology, 13:00〜15:30, Oct 18 2008, U. of Tokyo

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H MATSUDA, T SHIBUNO, M UENO: Adaptive management of Crown-of-Thorns starfish in Sekisei Lagoon, Japan, 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, Fl, USA, July 8

[A84x] Makino M, Matsuda H, Sakurai Y: Expanding Fisheries Co-management to Ecosystem-based management:A case in the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage area, Japan. Marine Policy in press:
April 3 2008 Update The Global COE official website

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Matsuda: 2007 Pew Marine Conservation Annual Meeting, 30 November- 3 December, Morro Bay, California

11/12-13 Programme of ASEAN International Conference "Conservation on the Coastal Environment" at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand on 12-13 November 2007

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Opinion "Precautionary, Adaptive Management from Asian Viewpoints" (Global Eco-Risk Mangement from Asian Viewpoints)

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[f14] Future of Marine Animal Populations. Census of Marine Life, 20 June 2006-20 June 2006, , invited participant
CoML Future of Marine Animal Populations
Why do I criticize the MSY theory?
[f13] 7th UN Open-ended Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea, 12 June 2006-12 June 2006, United Nations, invited panelist

[F44] Matsuda H: Risk assessment and management, Special Lecture, 22 May 2006, United Nations University

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[f11] Future of Marine Animal Populations. Census of Marine Life, 14 November 2004FALSE, Kyoudai Kaikan, Kyoto, Japan, Organizer

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Persistence and fluctuation of laterality dimorphism in fishes
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Amur-Okhotuk Project

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and its application to environmental impact assessment

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Hiroyuki MATSUDA, born in 1957 (Ohmuta City, Fukuoka Pref.)
1980 Bachelar of Science, Kyoto University
1985 Doctor of Science, Dept. of Biophysics, Kyoto University
1986 Research Associate, Nippon Medical School,
1990 Senior Scientist, Japan Fisheries Agency
1991/92 Visiting Scientist, Univ. of Minnesota
1993 Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University
1996 Associate Professor, Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
2003 Professor, Faculty of Environment and Information Sciences, Yokohama National University
Environmental Risks, Mathematical Ecology, Fisheries Science Publication List
"The Evolution of Cooperation"(Robert Axelrod, translated into Japanese, HBJ/Mineruva),
"The Science of Death"(with Y. Shinagawa, Kobunsha)
"What is 'symbiosis'?"(Gendai Shokan, Co.Ltd)
"Environmental Ecology: An Introduction"(Kyoritsu Shuppan)
"Ecology for beginners" (Kyoritsu Shuppan)